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Build Your Infrastructure Here

We offer a range of customised ICT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Data Centres

Bespoke pre-fabricated data centres for micro, edge or turnkey projects of any size.

Containerised Infrastructure

We offer a range of MV, LV, mining solutions and switchboards.

IP Enclosures

Our experienced team offer complete solutions for the ICT industry.

Bespoke Sheet Metal Fabrication

Up to 7mm custom sheetmetal fabrication for any requirement.

Domestic Market Applications

Architectural, automotive, shelving and other applications for the domestic market.

Online Store

From September 17th, our premium racks and enclosures will be ready to ship.

About Us

XCircle Pty Ltd Australia is the holding company of an international fabrication group. We produce tailored ICT solutions for some of the world’s largest international data centre and infrastructure companies.

Vast Experience

Bringing together decades of deep experience in a highly diversified product set, XCircle aims to expand its role as an international frontrunner in this space.

Proven Expertise

We offer result proven engineering, cross industry expertise, and a stabile and highly capitalised business model.

Our Facilities

Our in-house automated laser fabrication department compliments our turnkey datacentre, diverse containerised infrastructure rapid deployment (including LV and MV modules) solutions, IP enclosures and a wide range of bespoke steel manufacturing products.

With a purpose built factory space in Perth, and production capability in South Africa , we offer unparalleled fabrication redundancy, and strategic positioning to serve both the Australian (and the broader APAC region), African continent, and beyond.

Integrated Plant and Machinery

Data Centres

Sheet Metal

Turnkey Data Centre Deployments

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