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Xcircle’s turnkey and bespoke production capabilities of all steel components, from cabinets, cable trays and containment, through to the shell manufacturing, sets it apart from its competitors. Our technical ability allows us to integrate a plethora of technical interfaces ranging from cooling, fire suppression, monitoring, redundancy, and power requirements, as well as an extensive partner product network. This allows us to deliver unrivalled solutions.

Our data centres are based on client requirements, and Uptime Institute Tier Certification level 3 or 4 can be specified.

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About Our Service

A data centre houses servers or computer systems, along with their components like storage and network communication systems. You’ll generally require backup power supplies, environmental control systems to suppress fire or provide air conditioning, as well as security devices. No matter the type of your business, you almost always perform some form of electronic data exchange.

Today, demand for rapid data delivery has reached unexpected heights. Your data centre should evolve with improved efficiency and increased scale. This is to gain the ability to utilise technologies, including virtualisation, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and other related applications.

As the data centre is the brain of your company, you need reliable computers or servers to handle and store critical business processes. XCircle will help you build a data centre that meets your requirements, with a plethora of systems and equipment designed with resiliency in mind.

Our services include the following:

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Building data centres in all shapes and sizes, fortified with security measures to protect equipment from disasters and data breaches

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Offering containerised data centres that you can set up near Wi-Fi towers to support reliable and robust cell service

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Mitigating risk throughout your data centre’s life cycle, starting from its design to the construction process up until the operation

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Reducing latency by helping you establish a high-performance data centre

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Providing housing for mission-critical data, services, and applications for processing and storage

At XCircle, we can work with you whether you already have a data centre or you’re planning to have one. We can rapidly expand its capability, agility, and efficiency. Contact XCircle and get started with prefab modular data centre solutions today.

Our Products

When it comes to racks and enclosures, choose XCircle. We offer superior designs and flexibility for your wall boxes, data and server racks, and more so you achieve optimal data centre performance.

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Server & Data Racks

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Wall Boxes

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Service Benefits

XCircle is where you can have your prefabricated modular data centre built. It’s unlike conventional brick and mortar designs out there. Our containerised data centres are professionally designed and engineered to meet the specific requirements of your business.



Our customised data centres have the same components as a conventional data centre. However, they do not require a considerable space that amounts to high costs. Everything is packed into a smaller footprint.



XCircle’s solution architecture helps reduce the complexities of building a data centre that lets you keep up with the fast-paced data centre space of today and the future.



Benefit from our service regardless of industry, whether you’re looking to collect and process data from autonomous vehicles, smart cities, utilities, manufacturing, or financial institutions.



We’ll provide you with highly scalable infrastructure, ensuring that your specific needs get an immediate response. Whether you plan to add more machines to your architecture or increase your existing system’s power, we’re ready to work with you.



Avoid expensive and potentially dangerous failures of your data centre. Let our pros help you plan, design, construct and provide consultation for your equipment, building, and enclosures.



Latency is no longer tolerable in this day and age. You need a data centre that brings your IT resources close to the end-users it serves. You get peace of mind, as our experts cater to your business and computing requirements.

Why Choose Us

The digital economy has changed over the years, prompting a revolution in how companies generate and offer customer value. It’s no wonder that the deemed effective strategies are those that support the always-on operations. Amplified by real-time intelligence, the ecosystem puts forth an ever-increasing demand for networking, cloud computing, and easy content access for users and devices.

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Vast Experience

Our decades of experience enable us to work with clients with the understanding of our product set. That way, we can provide the best IT solutions for businesses of any size. XCircle is committed to expanding into an industry leader in Australia and other countries.

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Everything we do revolves around our customers. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations.

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Proven Experise

XCircle is trusted by some of the biggest names in data centres and infrastructure around the world. Reliable, stable, and offering high-quality products – that’s the XCircle promise.