XCircle opened in 2019 and provides information and communication technology and infrastructure solutions. However, we’re no stranger to the industry. About 30 years ago, one of XCircle’s founders, Hein Vorster, started a similar business in South Africa, soon becoming the leading ICT solutions provider.

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Upon immigrating to Australia, Hein founded XCircle, together with co-founder Gideon Van Niekerk. Perth is ripe with opportunities, particularly due to the growing demand for ICT solutions and infrastructure. Moving to Australia has opened doors to reach more clients, not only in the country but the Asia Pacific region, as well.

The XCircle team wishes to repeat the success of the previous South African business. With a deep understanding of the market, along with our technologically advanced factory, we’re confident in our expertise, products, and processes.

What Makes Us Different?

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Our decades of experience enable us to provide the correct and appropriate solutions based on the clients’ diverse needs. We rely on our knowledge to push for growth and performance improvement, offering the computing power that businesses and organisations strive for. We have multi-skilled professionals and the best breed of technology in our factory. Together, we help clients in achieving their own goals by delivering quick but high-quality ICT services.

With the assistance of our products, such as mobile and containerised data centre solutions and IP Enclosures, you gain an edge over your competition. We also provide bespoke services like infrastructure design and manufacturing, as well as server racks, data racks, wall boxes, and accessories. We have the complete data centre and IT infrastructure related solutions that you need to grow your business.

Our unique advantage is meeting customer needs, providing the best practices for all projects, and deploying best in class resources. That’s why we can help improve our clients’ capacity to support their companies and operation strategies. All these are possible with our first-rate services and comprehensive yet cost-efficient solutions.

At XCircle, we use a consulting-led approach and an integrated portfolio of information technology and IT-enabled services. We want to be known as a company with vast expertise and knowledge in a broad set of industries, such as mining, consumer goods, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

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The Ultimate Source for
Transformational Technology Solutions

Our fully integrated solutions and services are perfect for organisations that are searching for turnkey products, and best practices in information and communications technology systems and infrastructure.

XCircle is a growing business with a laser focus on serving Perth and WA. It is our mission to accomplish operational excellence, both for and with our clients, to further improve and gain a wider reach, extending to the whole country and later the rest of the world.