Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Transform Your Products With Sheet Metal Fabrication

If a custom product is exactly what you’re looking for and you want your needs met perfectly, XCircle’s custom sheet metal fabrication will ensure your product to a very high quality. XCircle is the leading company that you can trust with sheet metal fabrication expertise and knowledge. Our friendly team is dedicated to bringing your ideas and plans to life.

We can work with a variety of materials and sizes, including sheet metal fabrications up to 7mm, laser-cut up to 6mm (Mild steel, Stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass), Bending Mild steel up to 32mm, Stainless steel up to 22mm.


Why Choose Us

At XCircle, our focus is to excel in everything we do while constantly challenging ourselves to improve our products, services, and procedures. We work with you so you can get on with your job without dealing with a vast array of peripherals, hardware, and software.

We have an insatiable need for technological optimisation, which we believe sets XCircle apart from the rest. We make it our mission to optimise this tremendous power to turbo-boost your efficiency through consistent productivity. Allow us to help you with your custom metal fabrication that can help you and your business soar. Call us today for a quote.

Vast Experience

Our decades of experience with sheet metal fabrication enable us to work with clients with the understanding of our product set. That way, we can provide the best solutions for businesses of any size. XCircle is committed to expanding into an industry leader in Australia and other countries.


Everything we do revolves around our customers. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations.

Proven Expertise

XCircle is trusted by some of the biggest names in sheet metal fabrication in Australia and around the world. Reliable, stable, and offering high-quality products – that’s the XCircle promise.

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