Ingress Protection Enclosures

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Power and security are essential in ensuring constant and seamless communication with other systems. To achieve this, the system and its electrical parts should be safe from exposure to the elements. This is where our expertise lies. XCircle offer IP enclosures designed for mining applications and other harsh environments.

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What are IP Enclosures?

Ingress Protection enclosures are rated based on AS 60529-2004 and the international standard EN 60529. These standards define how effective the sealing methods and materials of a specific product are. They tell you whether or not they are capable of protecting your electrical equipment against intrusion of foreign matters, such as moisture, dirt, and other tools.

XCircle is comprised of a team of knowledgeable professionals, including electrical enclosure specialists. That’s why we’re able to provide a wide range of IP enclosures for the enhanced protection of your equipment. We have IP54, IP55, IP65 up to IP66. All IP enclosure products have been tested and certified independently for your peace of mind.


Our Products

XCircle are an Australian-based manufacturer with the goal of providing the best customer service possible. Through our extensive experience, we have developed an enviable reputation, which makes us strive more to meet the evolving needs of our valued clients. Our vast portfolio includes IP enclosures designed for outdoor use, indoor racks, bespoke electrically integrated systems, and more.

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Server & Data Racks

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Wall Boxes

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Our Ingress Protection (IP) enclosures are professionally built and designed for various applications. Whether you need IP enclosures for your house electronics or telecommunications equipment, or other bespoke applications for mining, transportation, or industrial process control, we’re ready to satisfy even those with discerning preferences.

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Fully Tested

Before delivery, all products undergo a wide variety of rigorous tests to ensure our IP enclosures meet strict standards, such as AS 60529. Also known as the IP Code, this standard is what many industrial, commercial, and consumer products go by.

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High Level of Protection

XCircle guarantee top-quality IP enclosures that protect against ingress of water, dust, and other solid foreign objects. Some products are rated to withstand mechanical impact. That’s why our enclosures are preferred in different industries and fields.

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Diverse Options

We have many selections suitable for almost any application you can think of. Our IP enclosures can be used for control boxes, power switchboard boxes, outdoor WIFI access points, and junction boxes.



We’ll provide you with highly scalable infrastructure, ensuring that your specific needs get an immediate response. Whether you plan to add more machines to your architecture or increase your existing system’s power, we’re ready to work with you.

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We have factory-built enclosures and cabinets ready for dispatch. However, they are in standard sizes. If you have distinct requirements, provide us with the details, and it will be prepared in no time.

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We have factory-built enclosures and cabinets ready for dispatch. However, they are in standard sizes. If you have distinct requirements, provide us with the details, and it will be prepared in no time.

Why Choose Us for Your IP Enclosures

XCircle is your partner in determining the most suitable IP enclosures for your specific requirements. We have a clear-cut approach in handling orders and requests, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

We start it off by investing our time to understand your unique needs, along with the challenges of your industry or field. Our team will guide you throughout the process. You can also access the products currently on offer directly on our website, a more suitable option for those who know exactly what they need.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? We love the challenge! Please give us the specifics, and our specialist team with expert knowledge will take care of the design. Our multi-functional factory has full control when it comes to production quality, so you know you are in good hands. When your enclosure is ready, it will be delivered to you right away to begin securing your systems.

Choose from our selections of IP enclosures. There are no purchase quantity requirements. That means you can purchase one piece and start adding more to your arsenal later on! From your initial concept to the final production, XCircle is the first choice for designing, constructing, and supplying IP protective enclosures.